Making money from stock photos

Make money stock photos - Just keep on shooting, but spend some time going through most wanted photos, mind their technique, mind the targets most importantly, mind the composition and backgrounds (ie women doing exercise- should you have used less depth of field, the background would be blurred and the women would stand out, put here more into view, overexpose a little and use more light, let the flash bump from a wall or ceiling and shoot shoot shoot, hundreds and thousands of photos, experiment angles, overexposing, then pick the best. It is good reading for any of us as it nicely encapsulates what we should all be thinking about when we are talking our photos – yes, stock photography has some additional rules perhaps – leave more space than you would in a “fine art” photo for a potential caption or message, but in general the ideas about good composition and impact apply across all fields of the visual art. Firstly, this is not really about rf or rm – if you recall one of my previous attempts to clarify rf, rm, editorial and commercial stock, rf and rm are just two different licensing types – rf gives the widest license as it allows the use any number of times for ever whereas rm defines the specific use case that the image is being licensed for. “in the traditional market, it's been getting harder as microstock puts downward pressure on prices, which in turn puts pressure on royalty rates and production budgets,” says lee torrens, a buenos aires, argentina–based stock photographer who also runs the stock image library for canva, an online design platform.

How To Make Money Selling Stock Photography

In this video, I discuss some of the ins and outs of Stock Photography. I explain what it is and how you can go about selling your ...