Mca is not a scam

Is mca a scam or legit - Clown above is another clueless mca marketer using the scam called getweeklypaychecks which is run by bill jones which steals orders from end users … one of “stars” of mca and on tvc's payroll is rodney walker who is a registered child rapist in florida (google in rodney walker sexual predator) who admitted online that he photoshops his income and has videos claiming he owns a “mansion” …. Read, this company is just for america and canada, so how set this up in a different country is it just as easy as starting the business name etc, how do they work the dental cover, bails bonds and all the other benefits and stop people scamming of there benefits. The whole bad rep surrounding mca is caused by misinformed, unprofessional reps who believe that promoting it that way is going to get them more people joining but in reality it's only going to cause people to be skeptical that it's a scam when it's not. Anyways point is this is a real company, real business who has been in business for ages its the reps who are scammers they spin mca off like a get rich quick scam but its a real business you gotta build up.

Mca is a scam! Do NOT join until you watch this!!! Mca scam

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