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Medical device sales jobs - It is tough to get a sales job in any of the three areas, it's a little easier to break into the pharmaceutical industry than it is to break into biotech or medical devices, says kerrie espuga, who worked in pharmaceutical sales for 13 years before becoming managing director of new york city corporate training firm corporate trendsetters in 2008. Another reason is that the level of technological and scientific savvy required to be a top-notch salesperson is generally lowest for pharma, a little higher for biotech (which requires a thorough understanding of research using genetic engineering technology) and extremely high for medical devices. 's roles in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical-device industries are closely related, but there are some key differences in what each of the three types of sales jobs entails, as well as in the skills and personalities necessary to succeed. A member of the medical sales team at ge healthcare, you'll find a collaborative, supportive work environment and the opportunity to advance your career in an organization that is known for its commitment to quality products and customer care.

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