Money claim online helpline

Money claim online phone number - Moneyclaimsuk are here to help produce and deliver your letter before action, fulfil your pre-court obligations, supply proportionate alternative dispute resolution, issue your notice of intent to issue proceedings to the defendant, draft your n1 claim form, and guide you through default judgment, directions questionnaire, summary judgment, reply to defence and enforcement of your judgment. Must have an address in england or wales (or a service address in england and wales if you live abroad) and an e-mail address to use mcol and the defendant you are claiming against must also have an address in england or wales. Pre-action® adr® service ensures pre-action compliance and fulfils your pre-court obligations, prior to commencing county court proceedings and continues all the way through your money claim to post judgment enforcement. Also provide a service for ‘bulk users' eg credit card companies and utility providers to electronically file large volumes of county court claims for money.

County Court Judgment Process

This is a video of how you start a legal claim against a customer, using the Money Claim Online system, for claims less than £5K.