Money making ideas for 10 year olds

Money making ideas for 12 year olds - Want to do the same thing as u except buy a samsung s7 im only ten years old and i have worked out that it is possible to make over £40 a day if u sell cakes cupcakes pancakes croissants etc so if u do it every week end (because u obviously have school) then u could make about 280pound a month this could be not alot but i'm british so dont know how much a dollar is in pounds. So i'm 10 yrs old and my parents keep giving me ideas that's why i'm on this website and honest i don't know if my school lets us sell stuff cause its a private school but one of my friend's mom works there and she [my friend] gets to stay after school last year she sold loom bracelets after school and she didn't get i trouble so maybe if i sell during lunch……. I'm saving up for a new computer i need 00 i have around 00 i have been saving for many years and im becoming desperate and i don't need the money now but i would like to find a way to make money over some time and also i have summer comng up so theres a lemonade stand every sat and sun. I am a 11 year old and i want a fish my mom bought me a starter kit i need smaller rocks wich are 3 bucks and i need food witch is 4 and i abulustly no dur need fish so i need 15 bush i have like 43 cents can i sng and get money.

Top 5 Money Making Ideas For Kids

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