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Emoney order online - Note 2:- in the case of a money order in excess of the limit prescribed for remittance to a foreign country under any law or regulation in force at the time of such redirection, the remitter or the payee should obtain payment of the amount of the money order in india either personally or through a duly authorized agent or furnish the authority of the reserve bank of india permitting the remittance of the amount of the money order out of india by means of a foreign money order. The required change will be made, on payment of a second commission equal to the first, on the remitter applying in writing to the post office at which the order was issued and producing the receipt and giving full particulars of the payee's address as entered in the money order. Note 1:- could have been chargeable if the money order had originally been drawn in a post office of that country and the commission at the inland rate already paid will be deducted from the amount of the re-directed order when it is advised to be country of destination. Alteration in address or place of payment:- the remitter of a money order which has not been paid may require that the address of the payee shall be altered or that the name of post office at which the order was originally made payable, shall be changed.

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