Money order pay to the order of

Money order pay to the order of - " just as a bank check must be endorsed before it can be cashed, a money order must be endorsed (signed on the back) by the person named as the payee before it can be cashed if funds will be transferred. That your moneygram money order is authentic by checking to make sure that the moneygram logo is visible on the back side of the check when held at an angle, or by calling moneygram directly at 1-800-542-3590. Out a moneygram claim card as soon as possible if you experience a problem with your money order, such as it becoming lost, stolen, or damaged, or if you need a replacement money order or photocopy. " if you make a mistake while filling out your money order, you will be required to fill out a claim card with moneygram, and pay a 15-dollar fee to have your entire money order refunded.

How To Use Money Orders & Money Order How To with MoneyGram

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