Most money won on roulette

Tips on playing roulette - According to the mail on sunday, the reclusive tycoon and passionate football fan saw the roulette ball slip into the number 17 slot, calmly looked up at the croupier and said: "that'll do me, thanks very much," and walked off with his winnings to the sound of applause from other punters. Even if you convert francs to dollars and then calculate the effects of inflation, it still doesn't give us a clear idea of the purchasing power that kind of money had back in the real world back then. At this point, rick warns the husband that it is now time to cash in their winnings, and that it would be in their best interests never to play on that particular roulette wheel again. While he mostly uses this wheel to scam customers out of money, he helps a bulgarian couple looking to bribe the local police captain by suggesting they wager their money on the number 22.

Red or Black? - Betting your whole life on one roulette spin

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