Most successful franchise in the world

Most franchises in the world - The world had the pulpy thrills of blade, the romantic optimism of sam raimi's spider-man, some light sci-fi in singer's early x-men flicks and even weirdo fantasy like hellboy, but there were no superhero movies that felt truly reflective of a world ravaged by war, fear of terrorism, and paranoia born of the proliferation of internet technology. . abrams reinvigorating the franchise with a smart and slick third entry before brad bird brought lean, confident, audacious action with ghost protocol, cruises decision to quit the man from uncle movie for a fifth mission: impossible outing makes perfect sense. It's certainly true that the yellow jellybean-shaped helpers provide some of the franchise's funniest moments - enough to earn them their very own film - but gru's story is hilarious even without their help. Earnings: ,423,557,729secrets of its success: iron man was not only the movie that launched the highly successful iron man franchise, but the mcu as well, which is pretty impressive when you think about it.

World's Top-Grossing Movie Franchises 2016 | Forbes

As movie studios put more emphasis on global box office, Forbes take a look at the top 10 highest-grossing franchises in the world ...