Motor club benefits make money

Motor club benefits make money - - i had a jennifer de soto post several ads in fb, claiming she makes $$ doing almost nothing-when i question her about what happens if someones cancels after the fact i get paid and what was the benefits breakdown, not just the list of supposedly benefits – she rudely questions me that why i was asking her on fb and commenting, and i answered well you posted a money opportunity and clearly said – ask if any questions so this is my question- she then blocked me and erased my questions …. , to what cody said in his email about the 80 dollars, as guy said cost 40 to sign up and he was going to pay for it and then he gets another 40 from the company for each person signed up and he was also offering me a 50 dollar bonus for each one i got to sign up money and then are being part of a focus group for a few months and get paid for that. The reason you pay is because of the membership fee which is the same price as if you were just signing up with the company for the benefits plan smh…society really got alot of y'all messed up and wonder why your life sucks and you never get ahead because you have a employee and not a boss mentality. So i went the opposite way, got business postcards printed up (yes it costs in advertising) and just went locally handing them out and speaking to people about the benefits and getting permission from companies to leave some for their customers to see.

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