Ms small business server 2008

Small business server 2008 standard - Business picks up, this year i expect, and we need to sell servers to small businesses it will be an easy choice ms esseniatl + mdeamon or linux / postfix, according to my maths we retain the same money and ms loses out, plus the benefit of linux is cost and competion, both lower in this rural area of 2mb broadband- where the cloud don't go for our target area of 450,000 potential users. Most of my clients have no interest in handing their datasets off to some large corporates servers over in the us or wherever ends up cheapest in the long run as the cloud pricing model rushes ever more downwards for the race to be the cheapest ms should not be fighting to be the cheapest it should be fighting to be the best. 2008 installs all of its features using a single volume (c:), there are tools available to move some of the data to other locations, but a number of folders that remain in the c: volume can continue to grow if left unchecked, this can potentially eat all the available disk space on the c: drive. Are not going to focus on these wizards on this post, but as a reference, sbs 2008 provides an automated way of moving the following:Move exchange server data: which moves both the exchange database file as well as your exchange transaction logs for all storage groups.

Installing Windows Small Business Server 2008

This is the installation and bits of the post installation of SBS 2008.