My part time job experience essay

My part time job experience essay - I tend to leave my howework undone and not to stud enough for tests and although i get good grades they could get much better if i didn't work and my grades wouldn't look so much like a yoyo sometimes ver high and others very low i also lack social life since only sundays are off. I also wrote an article about senator mel martinez of florida, then the chairman of the republican national committee, who was defending his party's stance toward latinos after only one republican presidential candidate — john mccain, the co-author of a failed immigration bill — agreed to participate in a debate sponsored by univision, the spanish-language network. But the real reason was, after so many years of trying to be a part of the system, of focusing all my energy on my professional life, i learned that no amount of professional success would solve my problem or ease the sense of loss and displacement i felt. What would you recommend someone in my shoes to do who doesn't have a college degree or any professional experience editing/proofreading whatsoever, but would love to learn how to make money doing this part-time as a freelancer, and only remotely (online), if possible?