My writing job scam

Writing job connect scam - 't submit original writing samplesget payment terms ahead of time and set a short-cycle payment schedulewatch out for payments that are wired (it may be a wire fraud scam) more information on job scamshow to avoid scamshow to tell if a job is a scam, typical employment scams, work at home scams, and how to avoid scams. To avoid these scamsbe concerned if the contact person won't disclose company or personal contact informationbe suspicious of email that looks unprofessionalcheck out the information in the postingask where the writing will publishedask for references (other writers and researchers who have worked for the poster). Check out paragraph 3 in the image below:There's a 41 page ebook the creators have put together to talk about writing but there isn't anything there that you couldn't learn here for free and that's more up to date. There are many different types of employment-related scams on craigslist including jobs that don't exist, that ask for confidential personal information, or that ask you to wire money or pay for a background or credit check.

Writing Jobs Review review of Writing Jobs check it out. :) Is writing a scam or is it legit?