Name of the currency of japan

Currency name of myanmar - "kuai" is colloquial, like "quid" in the uk and "buck" in the us, but it is the word used in everyday mandarin, whether you are in beijing or taiwan - which, of course, has its own currency, the new taiwanese dollar, also known as the yuan. On the other hand, a rise in the prices of foreign goods and services, through natural price inflation or because of increased demand, can make japanese goods and services look more attractive to the local consumers and help to narrow the trade deficit of japan. Example, when the japan has been running a trade deficit with the rest of the world and growing by the day, the trade deficit is making foreign investors increasingly nervous and will make the foreign investors to part ways with japanese yen. Explain easily, if the japan exports less than it imports, there is a pressure on foreign investors to buy yen denominated assets such as bonds or treasury securities in order to offset the difference.

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