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Leads for my business -  build - how to create a website that turns visitors into customersattract - what are the three most effective methods for driving highly qualified traffic to your siteretain - how to stay in contact with prospects long after they've left your siteevaluate - how to read and analyze your traffic reports so you can constantly improve your marketing and your conversion rateswithin each section you'll discover the secrets of digital marketing, and how to apply them to your own business. February 10, 2017format: paperback|verified purchasealthough this is his first book, this author (whom i've also had the pleasure to hear speak at workshops and conferences in the past) came highly recommended for his easy to follow, demystifying way of putting it all together in a way that even a small-time solopreneur like myself got fired up and inspired to make some changes that will help grow my business. Out of 5 starsthe steps for success are clearly laid out and easy to understandbyjtkingsleyon february 15, 2017format: paperback|verified purchaserich brooks has been leading the way in portland, maine with his fabulous agents of change conference, so i knew when i picked this book up that it would be a solid and reliable source for small business owners. I needed to market my business by reading posts recommended by friends or agencies i trustedbyjodi flynnon february 9, 2017format: kindle edition|verified purchaseas a solopreneur i felt mildly confident that i was getting the information i needed to market my business by reading posts recommended by friends or agencies i trusted.

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How do you generate more leads for your small business? Through referrals, direct mail and other avenues. Learn some tips for ...