No money what to do

Money has no value - Easy to say sell everything you got when you have something to sell when you have nothing it gets a whole harder i worked an 60hour week till my exhusband tryed to take my kids then my dad got gangreene i took care of him till he passed away kept a sex offender from taking my 3 girls but havent a dime of money not for lack of trying to find a job i know what its like to have to chose between food or power my kids are still small i have no one to watch my kids while i work if i could find a job their father its in jail while i have to try and feed the kids what do you do when youre really broke try and smile anyway wipe the tears away and keep onkeeping on there has to be away to change life but how. In my county, if you are a member to one library, you can take things out from any library in the county…and on the web site, you can search for dvds that are available…let's say you want to get two movies that you knew just came out, you could find out what libraries have them. Guess that would be “whatever it takes” – in my case i picked potatoes that had been left in the field after harvesting, foraged for free foods (nettles and skip diving), accept “hand-ups” from friends (these are very different from “hand-outs because the expectation was always that this is temporary and “this too shall pass”). Bill-by-bill guide to saving money on your monthly expensesconventional wisdom tells us that everything gets more expensive over time and there's nothing …read more step 2: trim your most expensive spendinghousing: we spend the most on housing, transportation, and food, so these are the first categories you should scrutinize to save more on.

20 things to do with no money

Times are hard for most of us. We decided to show you a few things we did with our week off... Ok, ok not everything in this video is ...