Non profit leadership degree

Non profit degree programs - Path university, a private university and a member of the cooperating colleges of greater springfield, offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including all-women bachelor's degree programs and co-educational master's degree programs. Who complete the degree gain leadership skills and knowledge in topics such as the management of human resources (both paid and volunteer), fundraising, program evaluation, fiscal management, and governance in nonprofit organizations. Master of nonprofit leadership & management (mnlm) degree, within the asu school of community resources and development, is intended for professionals who work in or desire to work in the nonprofit sector.  it offers an integrated course of study that melds state-of-the-art leadership theory with proven management models, strategies and tools designed to teach professionals how to create and manage high-performance organizations.

Kelly Moates: Why Major in Nonprofit Leadership?

Junior Kelly Moates of Braselton thought he would major in biology and later work for a non-profit animal welfare organization.