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Online jobs on net - For instance, 28% of americans who are currently not employed indicate that it would not be easy to create a professional resume if they needed to do so (compared with 14% of those who currently have a job); 22% would have a hard time filling out an online job application (compared with 10% of those who are currently employed); and 19% would have a hard time contacting employers via email, finding lists of jobs online, or looking up services available to job seekers. The fcc's national broadband plan cited expanded access to jobs and training as a key benefit of increased broadband adoption, and a 2010 pew research center survey found that two-thirds of americans believe people without broadband are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding out about job opportunities or learning new career skills. Even as the internet has taken on a central role in how people find and apply for work, a minority of americans would find it difficult to engage in many digital job seeking behaviors – such as creating a professional resume, searching job listings online, or following up via email with potential employers. A days doing online jobs are really tough for free u have to wait atleast 5 months to get a genuine income but u are ready to invest and u can gain more money with attention not without any attention why because u have to read more articles and gain more knowledge.