Online money scams that work

Money scams that work - Recently posted a desk on craigslist, and got this email from one “dav clinton” (name already suspicious):I'm interested in the item you placed on craiglist and i'll like to know if its still available for sale so that i can come and look and pick it up if i'm pleased with it. She'd had a problem, can't quite remember if it was because she'd been robbed now, but anyway, she'd lost all her money, had none to get her back here (to denmark, though they didn't specify where) and would we send some money over to her asap. . so whatever service they convince you to do, or stuff they buy, or money you send (or bitcoin that seems a popular thing because once sent there is no getting it back without the other party agreeing – even if they are arrested for theft/fraud you won't get that back. Guy explained that what he's doing is getting clients to buy gemstones over the internet or something, then he has to transfer it in my friend's name and then he has to collect the money and transfer it to some other person (a nigerian!

15 Online Scams You Might Get Fooled By

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