Part time benefits law

Part time benefits law - The affordable care act says about part time benefit requirementsthe affordable care act of 2010 (aca) mandates that employers offer group health insurance benefits to full time or the equivalent employees, and to at least 95% of their workers, so this leaves things to their discretion for the remaining percentage. Part time employee definitionsthe fair labor standards act (flsa), which dictates federal wage-and-hour laws around the nation,  does not actually define part-time or full-time hours, but it does define overtime hours as being over 40 hours per pay period (on a weekly pay schedule). A combination of a high deductible health care plan with a flexible spending account or health savings account can help part time employees put more pre-tax dollars away for paying off larger medical bills and paying for prescriptions and other things not covered. Offer benefits to part time employeeswhile it may not be legally required to offer all benefits to part time employees, unless they fall under the above rules -- it can be a positive business practice to offer benefits to part time employees.

Work Comp benefits for temporary, part time, or seasonal workers

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