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Jobstreet singapore part time - Am from pakistan master education 30 years accounts and office work experience want to come singapore and work here but only through legal means i like very much singapore to work and live here peacefully i am extremely sensetive sencere and hardworker for the timebeing i want to do any small job like helper attendant salesman perhaps it will be avaible every time but some how reach here then will search if there is any employer who have such small type of job now avaiable give me chance i will serve them at the best level and he will be extremely with my perfomance as i will as allrounder writng drfting correspondence labour work and more and more. One of the agent care of i got a s pass to singapore and i came to singapore by s pas but they mention occupation administrative executive in the visa but i was here loading unloading and driving last three days i told them that i cant work then the agent cancel my visa yesterday (4/10/12 ) and told me i have made for you two month visit so you try any other job and he take me out from the company accommodation came out, i had paid 3. And best regards,Hi lhynne – 1) on the portals when you search for jobs in singapore, use the advanced search parameters to exclude recent jobs which have the words singaporean/pr 2) for older (3-4 weeks) jobs you could try applying even if they mention that only singaporean/prs should apply, since many times recruiters cannot find right candidates locally, so they are more open to foreigners 3) use linkedin to contact hiring managers in you companies of interest directly. Name is jacob & am currently living in mumbai and planning to marry and settle in singapore, my would-be-wife is a singaporean with whom i am having conversation via phone , i have total experience as a chief accountant of 16years in accounting field , is there any possibilities of fetching a job in near future in singapore with out physical presence,since i wanted to grab a job from my current location and settle in singapore with job-in-hand.

Dependent Pass for family in Singapore

The Dependant's Pass allows spouses and children of Employment Pass or S Pass holders to join them in Singapore. Find out ...