Part time job maplestory

Part time job maplestory - On your union rank, you'll unlock a 1-square outline around the 15 square areas each time you achieve the following ranks:The effects are as follows (clockwise starting from the top left):Str: 5 per square (maximum of 75). Every time you press the skill buttom after summoning it, it will fire a laser in every direction and after a certain period of time, it will self-destruct, dealing additional damage to nearby enemies. Your union rank grows, you'll be allowed to have more attackers placed on your battle map at one time and you'll unlock more squares on the battle map as well. During this event, you can enjoy the following minigames:For ox quiz and sky kite riding, you'll receive an invitation on top of your head at certain times of the day.

[MapleStory] Part-Time Jobs ! Why You Should Do Them !!

Ok so a lot of people have been asking me where to get herbs/ores easily so I thought I would share this info. I know a lot of ...