Part time job two week notice

Part time job two week notice - !I am about to be a no call no show tomorrow morning monday 9/8/14 after my 2 weeks of employment at a company that hired me to operate equipment they thought i was trained well enough on to operate but yet i don't feel safe or comfortable operating it because even know i got experience operating the same type of equipment, the machines they run to convert paper and other coated products is so old (made back in the 40s) that during the first few days of my employment i couldn't even perform or get trained on it because maintenance was trying to fix it. An asshole i have worked at a place where the boss is an abusive jerk i found another job and fully intend not to give notice he talks shot about people who quit anyways and he tells people to leave right away wen they give notice, when your boundaries have been violated for so long you just want out, my manager already told me if i need a reference in the future to contact him directly and he would give me a glowing reference. My boyfriend and i are buying a house and my last day was supposed to be my closing date and knowing that could change anytime i never out in a two weeks notice i just told them it could be my last day and of course the closing got pushed back a again so i told my employer and she says that i don't have a choice my last day has to be the 13th. Have been in a job since june and have wanted to get out for the past month am being treated like a door matt the supervisor talks to you like dirt and expect you to do all the work all i have filled out is an application forms don't even know if i have a contract how much notice do i have to give as i have been offered another job which starts monday.

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