Part time jobs in burger king london

Part time job burger king - King crew member: i would say my favorite part about working at burger king was really just the atmosphere of the night closing because i could get there around four and then you have that two, three-hour rush where you're just constantly doing stuff – you're making sandwiches, you're frying stuff, you're serving, throwing out as fast as you can. He was latino, as were some of the cooks, but for the most part it looked like the captain planet team behind the counter -- white, black, and hispanic all working in concert to make sure america got cheap, plentiful beef. One of the people that worked there said that he could work all the time, and it turned out that he would always have to cancel or call off, and people would always have to fill in for him. It was kind of comforting to hear that, because i've read that many fast-food jobs are not done by students anymore -- they're done by older people with multiple jobs trying to make a living.


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