Part time jobs over christmas break

Part time jobs over xmas - More watch more seasonal job ideas for students during the holiday break november 27, 2013  |  by blair bedford 2 comments 1 of 9 shutterstockwith the holiday season quickly approaching, many college students are in search of seasonal employment to hold them over financially during their winter break. Shutterstockcollege bookstoresit may seem a bit ironic to be on campus during your holiday break, but college bookstores are always looking for seasonal help during the middle of the semester seasons to stock shelves to prepare for the upcoming spring classes. 'stargetwalmartjcpenneybloomingdale's shutterstock non-profit organizationsvarious non-profit organizations, like your local soup kitchen or major organizations like the salvation army, are in search of volunteers or part-time workers to help stock shelves and receive donations during the holiday season. Top-paying seasonal jobs include decorators, who design holiday window displays and building decor; production designers, who lay out holiday cards and party invitations; and photographers, who take family photos for holiday cards and photograph events.

Part-time Job Market

[Anchor Lead] Growing youth unemployment is having impacts on the market for part-time jobs. Although winter break is a month ...