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Part time jobs winnipeg job bank - (noc 0651)  construction managers (noc 0711)  home building and renovation managers (noc 0712)  facility operation and maintenance managers (noc 0714)  managers in transportation (noc 0731)  managers in natural resources production and fishing (noc 0811)  managers in agriculture (noc 0821)  managers in horticulture (noc 0822)  managers in aquaculture (noc 0823)  manufacturing managers (noc 0911)  utilities managers (noc 0912)  financial auditors and accountants (noc 1111)  financial and investment analysts (noc 1112)  securities agents, investment dealers and brokers (noc 1113)  other financial officers (noc 1114)  human resources professionals (noc 1121)  professional occupations in business management consulting (noc 1122)  professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations (noc 1123)  supervisors, general office and administrative support workers (noc 1211)  supervisors, finance and insurance office workers (noc 1212)  supervisors, library, correspondence and related information workers (noc 1213)  supervisors, mail and message distribution occupations (noc 1214)  supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations (noc 1215)  administrative officers (noc 1221)  executive assistants (noc 1222)  human resources and recruitment officers (noc 1223)  property administrators (noc 1224)  purchasing agents and officers (noc 1225)  conference and event planners (noc 1226)  court officers and justices of the peace (noc 1227)  employment insurance, immigration, border services and revenue officers (noc 1228)  administrative assistants (noc 1241)  legal administrative assistants (noc 1242)  medical administrative assistants (noc 1243)  court reporters, medical transcriptionists and related occupations (noc 1251)  health information management occupations (noc 1252)  records management technicians (noc 1253)  statistical officers and related research support occupations (noc 1254)  accounting technicians and bookkeepers (noc 1311)  insurance adjusters and claims examiners (noc 1312)  insurance underwriters (noc 1313)  assessors, valuators and appraisers (noc 1314)  customs, ship and other brokers (noc 1315)  general office support workers (noc 1411)  receptionists (noc 1414)  personnel clerks (noc 1415)  court clerks (noc 1416)  data entry clerks (noc 1422)  desktop publishing operators and related occupations (noc 1423)  accounting and related clerks (noc 1431)  payroll clerks (noc 1432)  banking, insurance and other financial clerks (noc 1434)  collectors (noc 1435)  library assistants and clerks (noc 1451)  correspondence, publication and regulatory clerks (noc 1452)  survey interviewers and statistical clerks (noc 1454)  mail, postal and related workers (noc 1511)  letter carriers (noc 1512)  couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors (noc 1513)  shippers and receivers (noc 1521)  storekeepers and partspersons (noc 1522)  production logistics co-ordinators (noc 1523)  purchasing and inventory control workers (noc 1524)  dispatchers (noc 1525)  transportation route and crew schedulers (noc 1526)  physicists and astronomers (noc 2111)  chemists (noc 2112)  geoscientists and oceanographers (noc 2113)  meteorologists and climatologists (noc 2114)  other professional occupations in physical sciences (noc 2115)  biologists and related scientists (noc 2121)  forestry professionals (noc 2122)  agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists (noc 2123)  civil engineers (noc 2131)  mechanical engineers (noc 2132)  electrical and electronics engineers (noc 2133)  chemical engineers (noc 2134)  industrial and manufacturing engineers (noc 2141)  metallurgical and materials engineers (noc 2142)  mining engineers (noc 2143)  geological engineers (noc 2144)  petroleum engineers (noc 2145)  aerospace engineers (noc 2146)  computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) (noc 2147)  other professional engineers, n. (noc 0015)  senior managers - construction, transportation, production and utilities (noc 0016)  financial managers (noc 0111)  human resources managers (noc 0112)  purchasing managers (noc 0113)  other administrative services managers (noc 0114)  insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers (noc 0121)  banking, credit and other investment managers (noc 0122)  advertising, marketing and public relations managers (noc 0124)  other business services managers (noc 0125)  telecommunication carriers managers (noc 0131)  postal and courier services managers (noc 0132)  engineering managers (noc 0211)  architecture and science managers (noc 0212)  computer and information systems managers (noc 0213)  managers in health care (noc 0311)  government managers - health and social policy development and program administration (noc 0411)  government managers - economic analysis, policy development and program administration (noc 0412)  government managers - education policy development and program administration (noc 0413)  other managers in public administration (noc 0414)  administrators - post-secondary education and vocational training (noc 0421)  school principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education (noc 0422)  managers in social, community and correctional services (noc 0423)  commissioned police officers (noc 0431)  fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers (noc 0432)  commissioned officers of the canadian forces (noc 0433)  library, archive, museum and art gallery managers (noc 0511)  managers - publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts (noc 0512)  recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors (noc 0513)  corporate sales managers (noc 0601)  retail and wholesale trade managers (noc 0621)  restaurant and food service managers (noc 0631)  accommodation service managers (noc 0632)  managers in customer and personal services, n. 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