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Part time work in utrecht - While it's true that prague is in an enviable geographic location, situated between warsaw and vienna, a two hour drive from dresden and a less than 4 hour drive from berlin, and while it has access to cheap european flights that put kiev, london, madrid, rome, paris, stockholm, and a dozen other cities within less than 2 hours flying time, often for less than €100, that all discounts the reasons why prague itself is worthy of being a tech capital on the world stage. Czech republic has focused concertedly on the western service market since the fall of communism in 1989, and it shows: prague is home to major offices for ing, monster, shell, bp, raiffeisen bank, deutsche bank, disney/ilm, and many others, and over the years, the business landscape has made english an essential skill for czech workers, who often seek the best positions within foreign companies based in prague. The tech industry agrees: since the fall of communism in 1989, the czech republic has become a haven for tech and service workers, producing over 150,000 technology engineers, countless business, economics and finance professionals, and becoming home to a huge number of highly skilled foreign workers, attracted by lenient tax policies, excellent living conditions, and one of europe's best, and cheapest, local and national transportation systems. And while lowly tech workers in other major cities are forced to find accommodations far from the center, serviced by lonely, scary looking bus stations and nary a local café or bookstore from which to scam free wifi, prague offers the opportunity to snap up central flat-rentals at incredibly low prices.

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