Part time software development work from home

Part time content developer work from home - Oh sure, you can get a cs degree and learn a heck a lot about algorithms and solving "typical problems" at a good school and thus increase your knowledge of the science side substantially, but the only cs grads i've ever seen go on to truly become software engineers (vs taking detours into marketing, sales or non-engineering management) were the ones who truly loved it and considered 40 hours a week to be insufficient, if anything, because they loved to create things and writing software was a particularly satisfying way of doing just that. : if you've a reputation as a wizard, you can in fact get part-time work, as some will feel blessed that they get any of you at all---this is related to why rock-stars tend to have a lot of casual sex (because they can, because enough potential partners value such so, and because social norms are actually enforced by allowing exceptional people to violate them---'sure, steven tyler [or rms] can act that way, but you're not in his league, don't get uppity,'). Someone who starts by limiting their hours to a nominal (say) 24/wk doesn't sound like someone who will be willing to work 40 for the same wages when asked to so do, for reasons decent (deadlines) and indecent ('we need the shares price to rise a few pennies for a few weeks, so let's fire a few people and let the others, cowed by the firings, take on the work their former colleagues performed, '). That being said, don't box yourself into a corner where the second job will be a black mark on your work performance if you decide the second gig is just too much and are tempted to quit at a bad place in the project or when they won't give you vacation times that line up with your 9-5 (or give you less time than your 9-5).

Question: As A College Student Should I Work Freelance Or Get A Job?

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