Part time sql server dba job

Part time server jobs chicago - To my question i am in it from 3yrs, worked for a year and half as etl qa/tester for organizations like microsoft(1yr in redmond, wa) and now working as a software tester from a year; i wanted a career in sql server/database but do not know what is good like development or dba and do not know where to start; in all of your blogs and postings you mentioned about sys admins or networking or else but you never wrote something for a qa/tester who wanted to pursue database career like me who knows very little abot database, if you dont mind will you plz preach me your golden words of magic for my career, where and how should i start or advice something for qa person who wanted to pusue a career in database. Brent i came to your blog from googling stuff about dba work and i have to thank you because your articles have answered lots of questions i had on my mind about this career path, i am 36 years old and come from a web designer animator past, as you say in your article its hard for a first timer of getting their first dba job which is understandable, but you say newly graduates have a better chance of getting hires, my plan is getting my aa in ‘business application & data administration'which has some good classes to train me to get my hands dirty with database work, than focus myself on ms-sql and becoming ms-sql certified. I just want to understand your advise…you say first i must get a job as a windows administrator or developer but how does this help because as i understand this would mean i have experience as an administrator or a developer,i am aware that it disciplines are interrelated but still i want to know how can one get into this industry without volunteering to spend time with the dbas bringing coffee, donuts and bacon, and be the most pleasant (but not over-the-top) person in the room. In case you're not familiar, dynamics gp is microsoft's erp offering that runs on a sql server database, so i spend a fair amount of time in sql server, i have sql server on my workstation with ~12 databases and automatic backup maintenance plans, i work with some (often outsourced) it people, usually sysadmins, and tell them what to fix, etc.