Passive income for web developers

Passive income for dummies - When i started out the rent was around gbp300 per month and the mortgage peaked at gbp450 per month (interest rates were unusually high at the time), and now (after many years) two lots of rental income total approx gbp2700 per month after fees and three mortgages total approx gbp1800 per month (although interest rates are unusually low at the moment). I'd much rather own and control my assets, which is why i'm bootstrapping a business and investing in rental real estate primarily -- and reinvesting the income into dividend stocks (when it's an attractive investment) for sort of a stable "base-layer" of "backup" income (down the road -- after compounding) that i honestly hope to never end up using. There are lots of definitions for passive income on other websites i thought it would be good to clarify what i think passive income is for me: passive income is periodic income resulting from work that you've done once in the past where you don't have to put much effort in maintaining it afterwards. Will not describe them in detail, but here is a partial list of passive income opportunities i thought about and will give them a try:Flattr lets you put up a button on your website for collecting donations, if people click on that button you get a small amount at the end of the month.

What Are Safe Sources of Passive Income?

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