Places that will hire 15 year olds

Places hiring 15 year olds - You don't mind running errands for others and have the ability to get around town on public transit or a bike, you might consider an errand running service (what i like to call ‘gopher' jobs – go for this and go for that). Best places to look for a job are:They all generally have a need for people who work the hours when other people are not at work or school, and you are a perfect fit for that. Amount of hours people under the age of sixteen can work are restricted by law so this is one of the larger factors potential employers must consider when hiring a fifteen year old. 15 years old kids can be hired by any employer provided the work is not hazardous and the teenager is not required to work more than 3 hours per day when school is in session.

Good Jobs for Teenagers

Good jobs for teenagers. Good jobs for 18 year olds. Good jobs for teens. My favorite book on Investing ...