Places to get donations for fundraisers

Places to get donations for fundraisers - Links to resources we have on our site to help you with requesting auction donations and with auction planning:If you need help with planning your event, we have lots of articles on the site that are helpful. Of the highlights of google's match program is that the company not only matches personal donations to nonprofit organizations, but also matches money employees personally raise for charitable events that they actively participate in. Going forward, i will bump up some of the lists that folks have posted in previous years along with helpful links from our site on auction planning, getting donations, contacting businesses, and thanking donors.   do some research, find out their name and approach them personally and directly – in smaller businesses, where there is no formal csr policy, donations are often made at the discretion of the manager.

Fundraising Tip- How To Ask For Donations

Hi, my name is Ayda Sanver and I'm a fundraising consultant, and I'm here to make this short video and share with you some tips ...