Profitability of vending machines

Owning vending machines profitable - That could purchase 33 of these machines which would generate a net profit of 99,000 a year if you can earn 3000 annual profit per machine and unlike subways which can fail and leave you in a debt hole, in this you will eventually get a roi even in the worst case situation where your machines are slow earning. They have also been a source of unplanned eating and drinking (after all, currently, few people plan to have lunch or dinner, throw a party, or meet for a date at a vending machine), which makes vending machines a target for improving the diets of children. About two machines, one soda one candy, (mechanical machines i would assume) , no credit cards etc,- both of them together are 0- good working condition; the man who is selling them to me is just wanting to get them off his hands and retire. , the maryland state senate has been discussing the possibility of a maryland healthy vending act, which would mandate that 75 percent of products offered by vending machine on state property meet specified minimum healthy food standards and is sponsored by delegate antonio l.