Profitable niche website ideas

Good niche website ideas - Read…and the haro idea is something i can use…but if a person has been at this for a while some of your ideas happen naturally from just using your brains…when i started i thought i didn't have a creative bone in my body and i got so aggravated with the advice of…”do what you are passionate about”…i wasn't passionate about anything…making money was my passion…and as you know that is one of the toughest niches to get into…but i kept trying and i refused to give up…i started noticing what other so-called experts were doing and how they were doing it and i started developing my own strategies based off of different internet marketers (like your haro idea i am gong to use…email lists and how marketers built them…thinking about what made me sign up for a list…also thinking abut would i really buy that and use that…also what type of problem was that marketer solving…like you right now are helping to solve a money problem people may have…your catch is…. Dollars… that gets instant attention…finding stuff i could give away…finding coupons for stuff…the ideas and list is huge when you pay attention)…so that led me to analyze other marketers success…i found out about how to get my own software idea done…i found out who was who in im and i subscribed to a bunch of lists with the intent of just seeing what other expert marketers were doing and before i knew it i learned what they were doing…i guess my passion turned out to be “learning”…. Have taken so many ideas and formed them all into one or two i can't even call them my own…i guess you can say i have put together a bunch of hybrid ideas from expert marketers and then using tools i needed to make it all work…if it's one thing i have discovered about making money online it is there is no absolute one way of doing this… what works for you may not work for the next person and it's simply putting together what works for you…. I know you gave some examples of different ideas for niches but i am one of those people if you had given me that advice early on i would have wanted to jump out of a window…so i'm just letting you know that does not work for everyone and just because it doesn't i'm letting some one else know that making money online does work it's just a matter of how you want to approach it….

How to Create a Niche Site that Brings in 0/Month

Here's the long version: In vlog #9 I show you step by step how to create ...