Pros and cons of having a part time job

Pros and cons of a part time job - Freelancers and advice about becoming a freelancer seems to requires a lot of hustle, time and energy to earn your keep which means that before you are well-established, you may have to work more and have even less control of your schedule (due to client demands) than you had while employed full-time. If you're finding yourself thinking that the grass may be greener elsewhere, we decided to peruse the experiences of others who've been down those paths and read a lot of online stories and advice for those thinking of making the leap to a freelance, part-time or remote-working job and career. The various costs associated with higher education slowly (or not so slowly in some cases) rising, working part-time while studying is a necessity for many students – be it to cover living and academic expenses or to just for the sake of getting hold of a bit of spending money. )a spokesperson from the university of cambridge adds, “it's important that students have sufficient time both to keep up with the academic demands of their course and to give themselves time out to take advantage of the social and recreational opportunities available at the university.

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