Publishing kindle books on amazon

Amazon kindle book publishing - There's a lot of debate about the merits of kdp select, it was the clear choice for this book for several reasons:Experiment: alexis wanted to see whether kdp was a worthwhile complement to her own online store, with the goal of gaining exposure to a new audience of kindle owners and using the amazon algorithms to boost sales. How to start publishing for kindle, jeff goins recommends publishing your book on amazon a few weeks before your ideal launch date, then sending free copies to friends, family, colleagues and bloggers in your field and asking them to leave a review on the book's amazon page. Early purchasers also has another effect: when lots of people purchase at once, amazon's algorithm picks up on your book and promotes it, exposing it to more potential buyers and helping your book climb the ranks. One benefit he mentions is that with so many books, he could choose to constantly run countdown deals, which leads to greater exposure for the rest of his catalogue.

How To Self Publish a Kindle E-book on Amazon's KDP Select -- Join the Self-Publishing Revolution My comprehensive step-by-step course on self-publishing.