Real online jobs that pay real money

Online jobs that pay good money - I need a job and i am to the point to where i am about to just give up on working because companies seem to be looking for the young 20 year olds that want to call in all the time because they been out partying all the time or come in late and don't do their job just because they are young instead of people that is a little older who will work and work hard and do what they need to do and then more. Are tons of other jobs that come in the freelancing zone, like proofreading, painting, managing emails and pr, musician, researcher (if you're good at research skills you can research and sent the raw information to the client), fiverr gigs (cheap gigs but easy to get started) etc. Management services: if you are already a blogger and have basic knowledge for setting up a website, content writing etc, you can manage the blogs of already established online entrepreneurs because they are looking for people to manage this so that they can focus on their business aspect. So offer to do jobs for very low money (i've had people do 5 hours work for me for one cent, just to get the positive feedback), until you have built up enough positive feedback scores to charge what others charge.

Over 30 Online Jobs That Pay DAILY Or WEEKLY Cash

These are list of legit and real online companies that do pay more frequently and faster. 31 jobs that pay weekly ...