Retirement calculator with rental income

Projected retirement income calculator - There are dozens to choose from, but here are three good ones to try before sitting down with any adviser:What it does: a relatively new entrant, the tool offered by the investment firm  uses current interest rates, inflation and other real-time data to come up with a daily index that, matched to your age and current retirement plan balance, projects a potential annual income. From bankrate 6 cheap places to retire abroad retirement 10 part-time jobs for retirees retirement the 10 best states for your retirement retirement 7 tips for the executor of an estate retirement advertisement related articles how to use rental income to fund your retirement how to save for retirement while you save for the kids' college is buying income property a good investment? , do some research to determine expected monthly costs, including:Local real estate agents (and the newspaper classifieds) can tell you how much comparable rental homes command in the area, how long properties are staying vacant between renters and how quickly similar properties are appreciating — in case you need to sell. “real estate can be a wonderful asset to have in retirement, because when you have tenants, you have money coming in every month and, if you don't have pensions, that's important,” says barbara pietrowski, a cpa in roanoke, virginia, who specializes in rental real estate.