Retirement income planning software

Retirement income planning worksheet - "even though the tax benefits don't start adding up until withdrawals are made during retirement, the software is designed to help advisers decide the best location for money coming into various accounts, which is why advisers are encouraged to start applying the software to accounts of clients, in their 50s. Murguia pointed out, all of the software program's capabilities, from daily alerts on portfolio holdings to more-complex savings rate calculations, ultimately represent “touch points” for advisers to interact with their clients — using the latest technology to spark old-fashioned communication. Looks at all factors affecting retirement incomea client's age, family size, salary and years remaining until retirement are just a few of the factors that help determine how much money she will need to retire comfortably. . murguia said there are now at least 200 firms using the software, which automates many of the more arduous financial planning services, including monitoring when is the optimal time to refinance a mortgage and calculating insurance thresholds.

Retirement Income Planning Software For Financial Professionals

Retirement planning income software for financial advisors.