Sale of the company

List of sales careers - While the opening of the consumer web made the portal an early online superpower, now yahoo will be eaten by a company that enables more users to access the internet every day, from anywhere, than yahoo's founders ever could have dreamed when they first launched. Yahoo remains largely the same company it was a decade ago -- a portal that hundreds of millions of users rely on for everything from news and weather to key functions like email and games like fantasy football. The Company StoreDelaware's supreme court upheld the court-ordered sale of a successful new york-based translation company after a judge concluded the relationship between the company's two founders, and its sole directors, had devolved into “complete dysfunction. ”in a 4-to-1 ruling on monday, the justices affirmed a chancery court ruling ordering the sale of the company, transperfect global, which provides translation, website localization and other services, with offices in more than 90 cities worldwide.

Eveready shareholders approve sale of the company's factory equipment

Dry cells manufacturing company, Eveready East Africa has received the nod from its shareholders to sell off the equipment at its ...