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Search engines for jobs - To find web search evaluator jobsappenthe freelance search evaluators at appen must be native speakers of the language in which they are working, be knowledgeable about the internet, and be familiar with a wide variety of online news sources. Judges, which are similar to internet assessorsonline maps specialist who evaluate and improve online mapping softwareopenings are listed at the company website, and applicants take an online assessment to demonstrate their ability to perform the required services. Search engines are quite literal in their interpretation of queries, humans can use their knowledge of news, events, and culture to rate search returns based on a user's likely intent. As an evaluator, you are responsible for rating the content returned by search engines, using in-depth local knowledge of current events, pop culture, news, media and history.

The Top 10 Best Online Job Search Websites For 2014 - Popular Job Board Sites List

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