Server or nas for small business

Server or nas for small business - Drives: the buying basicsthe bottom line is, if you're in a home or office where multiple people need to share files, or you're looking for a simple way to back up important data, a nas device is the easiest way to do it, unless the amount of data is small enough to make stowing it in the cloud feasible. A nas with included drives is, of course, easier to set up, but it can be pricier (as we pointed out earlier), especially if you only need 2tb of space now, and remember that your storage needs may grow with your business down the road. Even if you already have a server, you can introduce a nas box to take over the database serving so that the main server can concentrate on handling dhcp, maintaining the domain and users, serving applications, and dealing with other small-business network tasks. For example, a basic home nas with two preinstalled hard drives, like the western digital my cloud mirror, starts at about 9 with a 4tb capacity, while a two-bay, business-oriented model like the 2tb buffalo terastation 5200dn goes for 0.