Should students have a part time job essay

Should students have a part time job essay - Working Students Argumentative Essays - Part-time Jobs For Students: A Good IdeaWendy mogel, author of the blessing of a skinned knee and the blessing of a b minus -- and a parenting genius, in my opinion -- says that kids need to have jobs in high school. When taking time out to plan the day and how the student can manage time it is great for the student to have a source to refer to or look at the refresh the mind on what they have to do next. - the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian by sherman alexie and bastard out of carolina by dorothy allison, tell stories about troubled adolescents and their desire to live a life more meaningful than the one society had predetermined for them. Now with a fair bit of experience to back me up i talk to employers with confidence and they usually always seem more interested in having me work at their places than before when i did not have any experience.