Sites that pay you to answer questions

Paid question and answer sites - Example, if you could get some advice for on how to fix your car, wouldn't you rather spend that instead of spending maybe a couple of hundred dollars to take it to the shop and have it fixed, not knowing if they fix it right or it's going to come a part ten days later. While ago, one night while i was sitting on my patio watching my dog play in the backyard, somehow an idea came to my mind “what if i set up an advice and answer site, where you can help others by giving advice and answers while getting paid for it…? Now, you could start your own question and answer site and make even more money, but creating a site and driving traffic to it takes a long long time and a lot of money, that's if you even know how to build one. The best thing about using these get paid to answer sites is that you get to use your knowledge and expertise to help other people in need of your knowledge and that is a good feeling knowing you are helping other people.

How to Get Paid to Answer Questions in 2017 - 16 Ways

Learn how to get paid to answer questions in 2017 with 16 ways to do it.