Size and scale of a business

Scale of a business - Has clearly become a part of business jargon in phrases like “scale the business” and “to gain scale,” and these new uses of scale very well might spread into non-business contexts as well, though many current examples are packed with business clichés:"odus is a seasoned leader who has the experience and proven track record to continue to evolve our organization and drive nationwide growth for q2," said matt flake, ceo of q2. Same article also had examples the corresponding new use of scale as a noun and attributive noun that can mean both “proportional growth especially of production or profit” and “a large market position” (or simply “large”):The idea of reaching billions of the poor by achieving “scale”—a word invoked ceaselessly in the microfinance community—has enticed foundations, rich individuals, even investors into channelling millions into microfinance. Once it's scaled”—that is, once it has expanded to its full potential—“it's a self-sustaining, profitable model, which opens the door to reaching large numbers of people who need to be reached by this tool of access to capital. The actions helped the company to verify that it had the required business capabilities in place to make full use of the technology being implemented and that it could deliver the business value expected in the overall project business case.

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This BeeBusinessBee lesson covers the concept of Business Size and Business Scale. This looks at the different ways in which ...