Small scale chemical industry business ideas

Latest small scale business ideas - Have started my chemical manufacturing business in a very small scale, manufacturing surface treatment chmicals, working with small scale industries to be confident to get entered into the large scale industries, for which i need guideline to introduce me as a large industrial supplier, which no doubt required quite tough presentations and preparations, please guide me in this respect, what should i do? I am a chemical engineer with management degree (both at graduate levels here in germany) with no work experience yet asides internships but i am very passionate about setting out on my own or with a small team like you intend doing…if you need someone with enthusiasm and passion…. Want to start a new business in chemical field i also have a exp in latex compounding and currently i start with trading of chemical but now we want to manufacturer may you suggest to me what type of business is suitable for me. Want to start chemical trading business and don,t have any experience please tell me how to gain experience in this field ,are there any courses in order to help in starting chemical trading business.

Manufacturing of Industrial Chemicals, Acetophenone, Alletrhin, Amyl Compounds, Dye Intermediates

Manufacturing of Industrial Chemicals (Acetophenone, Alcohols By Sodium Reduction, Alletrhin, Amyl Compounds, Anthracene, ...