Small stocks to invest in

Stocks to invest in - Let's start with the first piece of good news: as i reported last week, there is a little-known investment strategy that has beaten the pants off the rest of the stock market for at least 50 years, and has done so pretty consistently, and there seems no obvious reason why it should cease doing so in the future. What this means to the individual investor is that, because the small cap universe is so under-reported or even undiscovered, there is a high probability that small cap stocks are improperly priced, offering an opportunity to profit from the inefficiencies caused by the lack of coverage devoted to a particular area of the market. Also see: this fund makes the case for active management as stocks get pricey here are the 24 stocks in the s&p small-cap 600 index with majority ‘buy' ratings (among at least three analysts) that are expected to rise the most over the next 12 months: company ticker industry closing price - dec. ) as we finish this series about analysts' favorite stocks for 2017, it's remarkable to see how small-cap stocks have performed in the month since donald trump was elected president:Small-cap stocks have run way ahead during the stock market rally since election day.

Chuck Royce, Master Of Small Caps

The legendary manager behind The Royce Funds shares his winning investment strategy with Steve Forbes.