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Start a corporation online - If a corporation complies with the formalities required for it to be treated as a separate legal entity, then anyone seeking to collect a debt from, or enforce a claim against, a corporation, would not be able to collect from the shareholders themselves. Keep in mind that if a corporation forms in delaware and does business in another state, the corporation would be required to file additional paperwork, and pay any taxes and/or fees required to do business in that state. Depending on how many members and the type of tax treatment the owner selects, the llc can be taxed as either a corporation, partnership or as part of the owner's personal tax return (called a "disregarded entity"). This reason, an s corporation is most often chosen by companies incorporating with multiple shareholders, and is considered a good alternative to legal business partnership because it provides tax benefits without the overhead and complexity.

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This video shows you how to start and setup a Corporation On-line with in less than 6 minutes. Follow these ...