Startup money for a business

Money for a business - Federal small business grants go to one of a few places: larger companies, because few people want to pay taxes to fund small businesses across the country; research and development programs, to finance scientific progress and national initiatives; and state and local departments, which in turn give that grant money to small businesses. Programs such as the self-employment program (for unemployed employment insurance eligible individuals) and the seed capital connexion program for young entrepreneurs (for young entrepreneurs in atlantic canada) not only provide money to start a business but invaluable assistance, such as mentoring and help develop your business plan. Supporting business is their business and the bdc offers business loans to startup businesses to invest in:working capital to supplement an existing line of creditfixed assetsfund marketing and start-up feesa franchise purchaseconsulting services5) a business loan from a business-related or government sponsored organization. While it's certainly more difficult in most cases to attract investors to a start-up rather than to an established venture, it's not impossible if you have the right business idea at the right time backed by an impressive business plan.