Steve jobs impact on the world

Impact steve jobs had on the world - Jobs described his 1985 ouster from apple as “the best thing that could have ever happened to me,” since it forced him to figure out precisely what he loved doing, found next, buy pixar, and fall in love with the woman who became his wife. Pursuing this tech writing career meant taking a chance and leaving another career behind, but the joy i feel in using the technology created by the apple that steve jobs built (and, of coure, writing about it) convinced me to make the move. He wondered why a couple of kids working in a silicon valley garage, he and steve wozniak, could change the way the world lived with technology, while a whole nation couldn't even make baby steps towards new and better classrooms. If we could inspire ourselves, and our children, to confront fixed ideas, unravel dogmatism and solve problems in creative but practical ways, perhaps then we would have a taste of the gift jobs has bequeathed to us.

Steve Jobs: His impact on our culture

Steve Jobs created, directed or inspired nearly all of the life-changing products that Apple produced. Wilson Tang of CNET reports ...